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made by a local artist (from Siquijor)

A Bulul is a carved wooden figure used to guard the rice crop by the Igorot peoples of northern Luzon.
The sculptures are highly stylized representations of ancestors, and are thought to gain power
from the presence of the ancestral spirit.

The Ifugao are particularly noted for their skill in carving bululs.

Bululs are used in ceremonies associated with rice production and with healing.
Creation of a bulul involves alwen bulol ritual by a priest to ensure that the statue gains power.
The bulul is treated with care and respect to avoid the risk of the spirits of the ancestors
bringing sickness. The figures are placed in rice granaries to bring a plentiful harvest.
A large granary may need two bululs, and a wealthy noble may also have one or more bululs
in his house. Male and female Bulul statues are often found together, with sex-related symbols such
as the mortar for the female and pestle for the male.

Although the form varies, the bulul is commonly represented as seated on the ground,
with arms crossed over his upraised knees.
The bulul has a simplified form, and is traditionally carved from
narra or ipil wood or sometimes stone.

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the same artists makes the typical Philippine Bancas

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