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Tajikistan 2009

... cycling the last 50 km out of 1511 towards Khorog gave us a lot of time thinking about the last 4 weeks cycling through that amazing country.

We started 4 weeks ago in Dushanbe, approaching the Pamir Mountains, and then passed by Khorog into the Warkhan Valley along the Afghan border, to continue on the Pamir Highway. Via Murghab we made our way up to Ak Baital Pass (4655m), the highest point of our tour. Shortly after, we took a left turn into the wild Bartang Valley, which brought us back to Khorog.

We don't know what the greatest experience was: the altitude challenge passing 3 passes higher than 4000 m and staying 1 week in that elevation, the scenery, the wild Bartang Valley or just the unbelievable hospitality of the people. At the end most probably it is all of the above. It was by far the toughest ride we ever did ... thanks to Bartang Valley, the head wind, the lose stones, dried river beds, bolder stones and river crossings. It is also by far the most remote place we have ever been … We still can't believe that if you find a shop in a remote area … they are only well stocked in … SHOES !!! ... but thanks to the hospitality of the Tajik people and the liters of tea and loads of bread
... we made it !!!

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