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Bike 4 a tribe 2007

"We ride for the awareness and increase protection of the last remaining old growth forest in the country and their people the Dumagats"

From March 29 – April 09 2007 we crossed the Luzon Island from the China Sea to the Pacific Ocean by mountain bike. Starting in Candon, Ilocos Sur and ending in Palanan, Isabela on the east side. We were passing through 4 provinces and the two biggest mountain ranges in the country, the Gran Cordillera and the Sierra Madre. The route passed mainly through backroads and trails and included unbikeable sections (especially on the uncharted trails of the Sierra Madre) where we had to carry our bikes and equipment on our backs. This was an unsupported attempt, we were carrying all our equipment and made our own remedies on the trip. This was be the first mountain bike expedition of its kind to be done in the country.

We received and the following donations

Who Donation exrate in PHP
total   68636,3
Schick 60,000 PHP 60,000
Franz Baumann (Polaris Dive & Beach resort) 3,000 PHP 3,000
Gunther Seibert, Germany 10 Euro 63.63 636.3
The Outpost, Retobar, Cebu City 1000 PHP   1000
BITE Magazin, Cebu City 1000 PHP   1000
N.N., Manila 500 PHP   500
Tobias Bernardo 1500 PHP   1500
Dr. Kiten Almazan 1000 PHP   1000
Dumagat Sierra Madre
BugoyBikers - Sierra Madre
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Dumagat Sierra Madre
BugoyBikers - Sierra Madre

Thanks to Schick as our main sponsorDumagat Sierra Madre
That's where we went

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The term Dumagat may have been derived from the word gubat(forest) and hubad. The more logical origin of its name is taga-dagat which referred to "sea gypsies". They typify the outstanding negrito physical traits of dark brown to black color and curly hair. Their stature compares to an average Filipino. The women stand at 4 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 4 inches and the men tower from 5 feet to 5 feet 9 inches. The Dumagats are found in the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte, Rizal and Bulacan. They live in single-pole make-shift nipa huts along river banks during summertime and move to sturdier dwellings on higher grounds during the monsoon rains. They live the life of hunters and rattan traders. Hunting is their basic occupation. Their weapons consist of bow and arrow. Hunting with dogs is a favorite technique. They gather rattan palms from the forest clearings and scrapes them until they are ready to be split into smaller pieces. After these are ready, they deliver them to their tabong (market) in the lowlands and exchange them for rice, sugar, salt, and other basic commodities. They also use the kaingin system of farming. They also live by fishing with hooks, traps, and spears. Dumagats speak a language of their own among themselves. The vocabulary consists largely of Tagalog, Ibanag, llocano, and Visayan terms. But as scholars have discovered, they can also speak with facility the language of the region to which they have migrated. For the Dumagats, there is no wedding ceremony but a simple celebration to which the couples relatives and guests are invited and at which the union is announced. As simply as the union is made, so too is its dissolution. A Dumagat couple separates simply by mutual consent. sourcekm and do some hiking.
How are we going to help ?

Dumagat Sierra MadreDuring our bike ride we had the chance to stay overnight at Marceling's place. He , his wife and 3 kids are settled in a way. They are living in basic bamboo huts and have the necessary needs for living. We are planing to help him and his family with a plough, sanitation and medicine. His older sons and relatives are living around that area also and we are sure, that all of them will benefit from our support.
7 April 2007 - Medicine and Seeds

During our first visit in April 2007 we could help Marceling and his family by buying corn seeds and medicine for his family.

June 2007 - Sanitation and Plough

In June 2007 we went back to Marceling and installed sanitation, running water access and brought him a plough.


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