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Biking for a cause

Living and biking in the Philippines and the world means more for us than just fun.
The discrepancy between poor and rich made us to do some thing.
Our advocacy is to support people in need with all our programmes and expeditions.

Because a bike should be a RIGHT and not a PRIVILEGE
Bugoy Bikers started the Bike Foundation BIKE4U.org. The aim of the foundation is to
give away bikes to the deprived filipino kids.

cycling mongolia


our travel blog
We cycle often in other countries and write about our experiences. Check it out.

“BugoyBiker” Jens Funk hands over the check of 69,000 PHP to Bike4U Foundation on Nov, 29 2006 in Cebu City. This money was raised during their bike for a cause tour in September 2006.

Myanmar 2013
cycling holidays

From Bagan along Ayerwaddy River

BugoyBikers on the road again. BugoyBikers are continuing their journey. In 2013
they cycled in Myanmar.

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Mongolia 2012
tour biking

Altei Mountains

BugoyBikers on the road again. BugoyBikers continued their journey.
In 2012 we rode again in Mongolia, this time in the Altai Mountains.

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India 2011
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Manali – Leh Highway - Khardung Pass – Nubra Valley - Himalaya Region

BugoyBikers on the road again. BugoyBikers are continuing their journey along the Manali-Leh Highway in India. After their diverse cycling Expeditions from 2006-2009 they are planning to cycle the Manali-Leh Highway and crossing the Khardiung La Pass (5300meter) to end up in the Nubra Valley (Northern India). The title of the Expedition “Give me 5” summarizes best the intention of the tour. We gonna bike around 1000 km at high altitude (3000-5400m) and have to cross 5 major passes.          click here for more

Tajikistan 2009
tour biking
Pamir Highway - 4600m closer to the stars

We cycled from 16 Aug. till 15 September 2009 along the Pamir Highway, Bartang Valley and Warkhan Valley. The challenge was the crossing over the 4655m high Ak-Baital-Pass.

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Mongolia 2008
cycling tajikistan
Bike for a cause 2008

BugoyBiker "Jens" cycled through Mongolia in Aug/Sep 2008. The whole stretch from the Russian/Mongolian border to the Chinese/Mongolian border was 1779. The aim of this ride was again raising money for the bike foundation BIKE4U. Jens started his strip in his hometown Germany and travelled via land with the TransSiberianExpress through Russia. In Irkusk (around 200km away from the Russian/Mongolian Border) Jens got off the train and started cycling. click here for more
Sierra Madre (Philippines 2007)
cycling philippines
Bike for a tribe 2007

From March 29 – April 09 2007 we crossed the widest part of the Luzon Island from the China Sea to the Pacific Ocean by mountain bike. We rode for the awareness and increase protection of the last remaining old growth forest in the country and their people the Dumagats
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Kharakoram Highway 2006
biking kharakoram
Bike 4 a cause 2006

Bugoybikers, Jens Funk and Martin Langevoord completed their dream. Cycling the roof of the world from Pakistan to China. After 3 weeks they had cycled 1110 km along snow peaked mountains and passed the highest border in the world, the Kunerab Pass at 4750m above sea level. By selling all their kilometers they could raise 69000 PHP for the BIKE4U Bike foundation. ... click here for more

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