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Here you will find infos about different Islands and their web presence


Cebu is the gateway to around two-thirds of the Philippine archipelago. It is the primary destination of approximately 35% of the Philippines’ foreign visitors. Superb destinations, low operating costs and excellent government administrative support favor the development of new destinations which are serviced from Cebu. There are opportunities for ocean and land recreation, transportation, marketing, and tourism-related developments such as mountain resorts, hotels and golf courses.Cebu’s attraction make it the Philippines’ premier tourist destination. more

Southern Leyte

The picturesque landscapes of Southern Leyte blend with the straddling fad of modernization. Situated in an excellent geographical location, the province which holds long mountain ranges, virgin tropical rainforests, white and golden sand beaches, rich marine resources, underwater wonders, agricultural abundance, exotic floras and faunas and beautiful islands including the historic island of Limasawa, site of the First Christian Mass in the country and Asia, captures the harmony of nature and the hard work of the Southern Leyteños in a panorama of the province’s quest for heritage, cultural and ecological preservation. more


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