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Biketour Outdoor

Biketour Outdoor

Bike- and Outdoortours, thats what it's all about.
With this pages we want to promote this amazing country for exactly that.

It all started with some biking ... and after writing it all down we had the 1st book about Cycling Philippines in our hands.
People started to ask us to show them around ... so we started to offer tours

We saw a lot of kids on our bike rides ... interested but with no chance of buying a bike, so we started the Bike4U Foundation
Philippines is getting more and more known by bike tourist, they started to ask us where can we stay in Cebu ? ... andBalayniBugoy was established :)

Lets open up the country for other biking tourists, locals
as well as foreigners and make the Philippines
a cycling country as other countries in the region
are known like Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.

Your Bugoys

Kayaking - Hiking - Trekking - Mountaineering - Horseback Riding - Adventure Parks

all is possible.
Combine it with a few days of diving and you will have a great holiday. PROMISE!!!

biking philippines
Jens is living since 2002 in Cebu and worked as an IT Consultant at CITE. Since Jul. 2008 Jens is spending most of his time on his bike.
Marilou.Takes care of your bookings
cyling Outdoor
cyling Outdoor
Bicycle courier Jun. Ask him about anything in the City and he will for sure help you
Diego, one real Bugoy. He is since Mar 2013 with BugoyBikers and joins the multiple day tours.
cyling Outdoor
cyling Outdoor
Grayson. In charge for the Cebu "Hardcore Tours"

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Biketour Outdoor

Biketour Outdoor

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Biketour Outdoor

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